Summertime is on her way and the living will be easy. It will be time for pools and lake visits and strolls along the banks of local rivers and creeks.

It’s been that way for as long as men and women, boys and girls, have enjoyed cooling off from the hot summer sun.

Many backyards are filled with family swimming pools, both above-ground and in-ground. It’s a rare summer day those pools are not in heavy use.

Backyard convenience wasn’t always the case. They’re a more recent addition to the American landscape. There was a time water hoses, hydrants and those rivers and creeks served as the primary source of water fun.

There was one more option for Hamblen County and Morristown families: Petie’s Pool.

Morristown resident and Petie’s Pool historian Danny Underwood has gathered an expansive collection of newspaper clippings and privately-owned photographs of the pool and its various add-ons and changes over the decades and shared them with the Citizen Tribune. Underwood was instrumental in providing the images for this feature.