Hale family celebrates three generations 34 years apart

William McCanless Hale II, holds son, William Tuttle Hale II, with grandfather, William Tuttle Hale, right.

A picture tells 1,000 words.

But, this picture, though, tells 2,000 words.

The Hale family wanted something unique and special. Something to commemorate a moment captured 34 years ago and then to recreate.

Christian Habegger Hale, wife of William McCanless Hale II, had always loved a photo taken in 1986. So, she decided to recreate it.

“That’s what inspired her,” said William Tuttle Hale, who lives in Morristown.

In 1986, a friend nominated the Hale family for a photo to appear in the Citizen Tribune. Now retired photographer Chuck Hale went to the Hale Brothers business and met the family.

It was a Father’s Day photo and William Tuttle had a newborn son, William McCanless II. Grandfather William McCanless Hale I and great grandfather William Chamberlain Hale were in attendance.

Chuck Hale snapped the photo of all four of them and it ran front page of the June 13, 1986 Sunday edition of the Citizen Tribune.

Christian Hale loved the photo. She had it framed and it hung on the wall in their Chattanooga home, where William Tuttle Hale moved several years ago.

Christian recently had their second child and an idea came to fruition.

Recreate the same photo that ran in the Tribune 34 years ago.

So, they did.

She snapped a photo of William McCanless II, holding newborn son, William Tuttle Hale II, while grandfather William Tuttle Hale stands nearby, close to the same exact pose as the original picture.

There are some missing from the photo.

“There’s only three generations of us now,” William Tuttle Hale I said.

But the generations and memories continue.