Free jobs site connecting employees and employers in the Lakeway Area

The free jobs website on, a partnership between the Citizen Tribune and the Morristown Chamber of Commerce, is helping the Lakeway Area get back to work.

With jobs available spanning from restaurant work to manufacturing to the medical field, the jobs website partnership between the Citizen Tribune and the Morristown Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Task Force Economic Recovery Committee has hit the ground running.

New jobs are being posted and filled at the free website,

“It’s doing really well,” Emily Chapin, Citizen Tribune Advertising Manager, said. “We’ve got some positive feedback from a few different people. It’s definitely getting out there and being utilized.”

Not only is the site posting and promoting employment opportunities in the Lakeway Area, but it offers news and resources for both businesses and prospective employees with everything from articles on digital strategies for small businesses, remote banking, budgeting and financial literacy.

Currently there are more than 30 companies, small businesses or individuals looking for personnel and using the site. Chapin has been assisting the employers in developing eye-catching ads for their open positions.

“We’ve been working with people on advice and tips on what to post, whether it’s a color logo or black and white logo,” Chapin said. “They’ve been very appreciative of everything that we’ve been doing and the Chamber has been doing to help all the local businesses during this time.”

For Heather Drummond, Director of Residents Services at Regency Retirement Village, it’s been a valuable resource.

“It’s probably been up for two weeks. Recently, due to the COVID-19 (applications) have slowed down a little bit,” Drummond said. “I’ve tried social media and things like that, but I have a greater response from the newspaper ad than I do on social media.”

Chapin touts the diversity of positions open as a big part of the site’s launch success.

“We’ve got everything from someone looking for a person to clean their house,” Chapin said. “We’ve got a lady with A Taste of Dandridge looking for dishwashers and servers. We’ve got a staffing agency on there looking to fill some positions for their manufacturing clients. It’s getting a diverse reach through all sorts of different jobs. It’s got a little bit of everything.”

As the state continues to fully re-open during the global coronavirus pandemic, more jobs will become available and the free site will continue to serve as a key resource as companies, small businesses and restaurants continue to need personnel.

“It’s really going to take off now that everthing’s started to reopen,” Chapin said. “People are desperately going to be needing help right now. With everything going back full swing, businesses need the extra assistance. I think this is going to be even more valuable during the reopening.”