Four face  trespassing charges

Two men and two women from Greeneville were charged in a possible break-in Sunday.

Christy Nicole Jones, 29, Kevin Sean King, 47, Cammie Danial Fowler-Peterson, 46 and James Earl-William Brown, 42, all of Greeneville, were found at a vacant store property and mobile home on State Route 66 North by Cpl. Eric Pease, of the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Pease’s report, deputies came into contact with the four at the residence. King stated that they were all looking at buying the property through the “letgo” phone application. None of the party could produce a phone number to contact the owner. All stated that they went inside the old store building and the vacant mobile home. Brown and Fowler, who stated that they were there for the ride, went on to say that Jones and King were the ones interested in the property purchase.

All were taken to the Hawkins County Jail where they were released on bail.