It’s done, let’s move on

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is my president.

Just as Donald John Trump before him was my president, and Barack Hussein Obama II was my president prior, and so on and so forth.

Just in case you weren’t aware or adult enough to recognize the reality of being a citizen of the United States means that Biden, Trump, Obama, et al., serve(d) as the Commander-in-Chief of our nation.

I have not, nor will I ever say, Biden, Trump or Obama are or were not my presidents. They were my presidents and that is a fact which cannot and will not be denied. They were everybody’s presidents.

Didn’t say I liked them. But they were still my presidents.

I am withholding any rush to judgement on President Biden’s leadership during his term in office. I know what he has said he will do. I know what he’s already done on his first day, which by the way, was pretty much a repeat of things Trump did on his first day in office.

I will say, however, I’m already not impressed. President Biden and his staff have said Wednesday’s mass signing of executive orders were simply the first step of undoing actions taken by President Trump. Which, again, is pretty much what Team Trump said when he was undoing the actions of his predecessor, President Obama.

Anyone else see a trend here?

Folks, I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal. It’s time we get back to the business of making our great country work as it is supposed to, with forward momentum forthwith.

And I really …. really …. REALLY don’t care about any theories of the legitimacy of Biden’s election, or even the same for Trump four years ago. You can believe anything you want. The fact remains Biden is now on his way to the Oval Office, if he isn’t already there this morning, to begin his second full day

Time to shut up and put up. Notice I did not say “or.”

I mean it’s time to stop the babble. The innuendo. The lies. The misinformation. The soundbites from the right or the left. Time for the backstabbing to end.

It is time to start acting like adults and behaving like your mommas taught you some manners and civility.

I was never a fan of Barack Obama. Didn’t like his politics. But never, ever, did I suggest his supporters should go put a bag over their heads and suffocate themselves. Never did I encourage anyone to harass or provoke his supporters. I never suggested getting them fired from their jobs just because they liked him as president.

I can’t say I liked Donald Trump all that much. Some of his policies seemed to be fairly solid, but every time he opened his mouth, or touched the keyboard on his smartphone to tweet about something, he half undermined what he was trying to accomplish and gave more and more ammunition to his opposition to use against him.

That being said, the opposition never failed to have some sort of ammunition against him. Real or imagined.

That’s all I’m going to say about that.

I will say I’m not so much worried about President Biden’s administration. Not him.

No, my concern lies with the people with whom he is aligned, and those he has chosen for key cabinet posts.

I will keep an eye out on the people in the House and the Senate. Those are the ones who have me more concerned about the well-being of this country. If you will remember, it was those people who wielded far more presumptive power during the past four years than former President Trump was allowed to have.

That’s all I’m going to say about that, too.

I do have one parting bit for all those who want to cancel my opinions and viewpoints simply because it does not fit the narrative-of-the-day (and God knows that narrative changes like the weather, if’n you don’t like this one, wait 15 minutes to see what the next one is):

While I am conservative and I voted Republican, do not make the mistake of painting me with the brush of hatred, discrimination, insurgency or racism. I don’t fly those colors.

I do not care what color your skin is, I don’t care what ethnicity you boast, I don’t care your political leanings. I don’t care if you’re a city mouse or a country mouse. I don’t care about sexual preferences. I don’t even care if you’re vegan, vegetarian, organic-only or I’ll-eat-anything-afore-it-eats-me. I don’t care. You be you. Be all you can be to be you.

And I’m gonna be me. All day, every day.

Just because I do not think like you does not mean I’m wrong, just as you’re not necessarily wrong for what you believe.

I’m not going to spout any party line, and that includes anything definitively conservative or liberal. I certainly won’t espouse anything that goes against my core belief system of decency, kindness, respect, and mindfulness in regard to my fellow travelers on this big round globe we call home.

That ain’t Republican or Democrat, sugar. That’s plain ol’ direction from the Creator. He is the first and foremost nonpartisan dude everybody can count on.

He’s just waiting for us puny humans to finally figure that out and work on that principle all the livelong day.

-Jean Henderson is a columnist for the Citizen Tribune.