Dawson’s Men’s Shop Keeping Morristown in Style

Editor’s Note: This is part of an ongoing series in partnership with the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce showcasing local businesses. The Chamber Business Showcase is an annual event that is being taken online this year due to the pandemic. For more, go online to www.citizentribune.com and search for the keyword #chambershowcase.

Dawson’s Men’s Shop opened 51 years ago to compliment Dawson’s Women’s Shop, which was started in 1934 by Eula Dawson.

But, over the years, the men’s shop has come into its own and is now the premier men’s shop in Morristown and the Lakway Area, and it is locally owned.

Greg Shockley, owner of Dawson’s Men Shop, bought the store from longtime owner Herman West in 2018 after working as an employee himself at the store for years.

“I’ve always like dressing well and I had the opportunity to work for Herman West at Dawson’s and have worked there on an off since 1991,” Shockley said. “About three years ago, I decided to stop traveling with a gospel group. Herman was ready to retire, so I purchased the store in May 2018.”

The store is a full men’s retail specialty store. The advantages that Shockley and his associates bring to the table is experience.

He worked alongside West for years and as he says, he “learned from the best.” He learned selling clothes and delivering top-notch customer service by working alongside a great teacher, mentor and friend.

Dawson’s Men’s Shop is the only actual men’s shop between the Tri-Cities and Knoxville. Other stores that do sell men’s clothes are self-service, but at Dawson’s you receive personal service and advice on an individual basis. They also offer free alterations.

Their motto is simple, “When you want to look you best – Dawson’s.”

Many people think they only sell suits and business attire, but there’s much more than that in the spacious store.

“When they visit our store for the first time, they are amazed at the broad range of sportswear available,” Shockley said. “We also do tuxedo rentals.”

Dawson’s Men’s Shop can be found at dawsonmenshop.com on Facebook at Dawson’s Men’s Shop and on Instagram at Dawsonsmenshop.

You can visit the store Monday to Friday from 10 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The store is located at 1720 West Andrew Johnson Highway, Morristown TN.