The number of cases statewide of the novel coronavirus rose again Monday from 505 cases to 615, state records show.

The total cases of the virus also spread in the Lakeway Area with five new cases of someone testing positive.

Claiborne County recorded its first case of coronavirus, or COVID-19, and a third student from Tusculum University who had gone on spring break also tested positive, officials said.

Hamblen County recorded a third case of coronavirus, as well as Jefferson County, records show.

Greene County recorded two new cases for a total of four. Cocke County has recorded one positive case of coronavirus.

There have been a total of two deaths recorded in Tennessee from the coronavirus.

As the virus continues to spread, several cities, including Knoxville and Nashville, issued “Safer at Home” orders on Monday encouraging residents to stay at home unless they work in essential services.

The National Park system also closed the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Tuesday as local, state and federal governments continue to deal with the pandemic.

State records show the majority of cases are residents between the ages of 21-40.

The Center for Disease and Control has issued a slate of guidelines including asking individuals to limit any gatherings to no more than 10 people, social distance and be at least six feet apart and to continually wash hands for 20 seconds.