A special delivery starts Monday.

The Hamblen County Department of Education will be running bus routes that day, delivering breakfast and lunch to students.

Dr. Jeff Perry said it is an undertaking for the school department, but a good and necessary one for children.

“This is one way we can put a nutritious meal in their hands,” he said. “We’re very excited about this.”

The deliveries will take place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Monday to Friday, he said.

On the first day, residents are asked to watch for and come out to meet the bus. After the first day, parents should have a better indication of when the bus will run, school officials said.

There will also be two stationary locations for students to pick up breakfast and lunch: West High School and Fairview-Marguerite Elementary School. Meal times at those locations will also be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

At this time, the Hamblen County Department of Education deliveries are limited to children only and not adults.

Meals at both the stationary locations and from the bus will be for all children 18 or under.

Perry said all bus routes will be run through the county, but the buses will stop only at the major stops, which are the stops on the main roadways, not on minor roadways, Perry said.

He said if there is any resident who misses the bus, they can call the Hamblen County Department of Education and arrangements will be made.

Perry said that more than 5,000 meals have been prepared for the event and thanked Jennifer Buchanan and the food staff for taking on the mission.

“It’s a major undertaking,” he said.