The bid opening for the Morristown community center Thursday afternoon produced a favorable cost estimate that will cover all construction and outfitting expenses with the $37.25 million bond issue, according to city officials.

Path Construction Company, which has offices in North Carolina, Illinois and Arizona, was the apparent low bidder at $27,927,000. Councilmembers could vote to approve the contract as early as Dec. 1. Lose Associates has estimated the total cost at $32 million, which does not include design and construction-management fees.

“I know that our staff was very pleased with the results of the bid opening and we’re excited about proceeding with what we think will be the next level of improving options for Morristown residents,” Morristown Mayor Gary Chesney said this morning. “I think our staff and those who prepared for yesterday did an excellent job in preparations for the quote opening.”

Chesney said he anticipated site preparation could begin in December. The current projection is that the community center could be open by spring 2013.

“The preliminary conclusion is the bond issue will cover all costs of construction and equipping of the community center,” Joey Barnard, assistant city administrator, said this morning. “The city received very good bids yesterday. It was a win for the city, as far as the bidding process. Look at how close the bids are. You can tell it was competitive”

Four other construction companies submitted bids.

J.A. Street & Associates had the highest bid, $31.2 million; Hotze Construction Company bid $29.8 million; Blaine Construction Company bid $28.6 million; and Joseph Construction Company bid $28.2 million.