U.S. Rep. Roe tours Colortech

Colortech President Alex Rom-Roginski, left, leads U.S. Rep. Phil Roe on a tour of Colortech Monday.

U.S. Rep. Phil Roe, R-Johnson City, walked into Colortech Monday afternoon and was immediately escorted into a room with a long wooden conference table.

Roe sat and listened to Alex Rom-Roginski, president of Colortech, who went over a slide show of what exactly the company does and the products Colortech makes at their two Morristown plants.

“Do you find your customers or do they find you?” Roe asked at one point.

“Most of the time, we have to find our customers,” Rom-Roginski responded.

Roe has conducted several tours of industries throughout Morristown over the past several months. Colortech has been in Morristown since 1986 and the company’s specialty is putting additives into plastics.

Buy a white trash bag? There’s a chance the white in the trash bag came from Colortech. Have a trash bag that has a specific odor? There’s a chance Colortech added the scent to the trash bag like the lavender-vanilla Hefty bags.

Roe spent about an hour touring the facility and he talked to Colortech officials about other facilities in the area he has toured as well. One story he told was about a plant in Greeneville that made bottled water to sell across the United States.

Colortech officials took Roe through Plant 1, letting him see how the colors were made.

Bob Trinklein, product manager of colors for the plant, explained to Roe how they can make different shades of coloring and how light can affect colors in different ways.

He showed the congressman a machine that the plant uses to illuminate colors in different light, including black light.

Colortech has a total of 240 employees.

Rom-Roginski told Roe the plant had doubled in size over the last eight years.

He said he believes within a decade there could be a total of four plants in the Morristown area due to growth.

As the tour ended, Rom-Roginski told the congressman that their job is more than just manufacturing and putting colors in plastic.

It’s about meeting the customers’ needs.

For example, the company is now working with French’s mustard to help develop a better yellow for its mustard bottles.

“It’s going in and trying to solve problems,” he said.