Sutton graduates TVA  Rural Leadership Institute

John Bradley, TVA’s Senior Vice President of Economic Development, congratulates LeAnn Sutton upon her graduation from Rural Leadership Institute.

Appalachian Energy Co-op Advisor LeAnn Sutton has become a recent graduate of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Rural Leadership Institute.

The nine-month program was developed by the agency to help rural economic development professionals effectively lead volunteers, partner organizations, businesses and elected officials to ensure long-term success in attracting investments that will result in jobs for local communities.

“Rural America’s ability to compete depends upon local leaders being prepared, having product available, and using effective communication skills to differentiate their community’s unique strengths.” said John Bradley, TVA senior vice president for economic development.

Among other job duties, Sutton will work closely with the co-op’s commercial and industrial members.

“In addition to the obvious economic development benefits,” she said, “this training provides many opportunities for improving government relations and for growing strong communities.

“I’m very grateful to have had this experience and look forward to using what I’ve learned on behalf of AEC members.”