Required licenses are pending for a new drug treatment center in Newport.

Representatives of New Hope Treatment Center were at the Newport Planning Commission on Tuesday and were given approval for a planned new sign.

Amy Shroyer said plans call for the suboxone treatment center to be opened in the former Fox and Hounds banquet hall.

The operators have been providing opioid treatment in North and South Carolina for the past 20 years.

“The medication is a small part of what we do. We have lots of comprehensive services that we give our patients, and the real work is taking a person who has lost everything and helping them reestablish life without being in an addictive lifestyle.”

Shroyer said the program offers only outpatient treatment.

The facility will be available seven days a week, and it has been awarded a certificate of need by the state. It is awaiting state licensure.

She said the New Hope program is unique in that it does not provide prescriptions to be filled elsewhere, but provides the medication onsite as part of the comprehensive treatment program.

“We will have a physician, nurses and licensed counselors or those eligible for licensure in Tennessee,” added Shroyer.