Morristown Chamber hosts ‘Living Well for Life’ luncheon, featuring May Chiropractic

The Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce held its monthly “Lunch and Learn” meeting on Monday. From left to right, Cheryl Steele, owner of Steele Hypnosis, Chava Trenthan, practice representative at May Family Chiropractic, Belinda Dotson, owner of Java Garden and Deanna Hall from Joseph Construction in Knoxville.

During Monday’s “Lunch and Learn” meeting at the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce, those in attendance were given lessons in “Living Well For Life.”

Chava Trenthan, practice representative for May Family Chiropractic in Morristown, gave tips on how chiropractic can assist in living a long and pain-free life.

More and more people have become aware of mental diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Cosmetic surgeries such as face lifts and wrinkle treatments have become popular with people over 50.

“Age can be cruel. You need to prevent the loss and deterioration of your body,” she said.

According to Trenthan, chiropractic is a life-expanding endeavor. Life expectancies have increased dramatically since 1900, when the average life expectancy was just 49 years. Currently, the average is 82 years - and by 2050 – 3.6 million people will live to be 100 years old. Being able to move well and without pain is key.

“If I want to live that long. I want to live well,” Trenthan said. “We don’t want to spend 40 years not being able to move.”

Trenthan travels throughout the Lakeway Area to promote May Family Chiropractic and what the practice offers.

“I travel from Morristown to Dandridge to Jefferson City to White Pine. I go to where I’m called,” she said. “They’re passionate about what they do, and they love what they do. They want to educate you (about chiropractic care), and help you live well.”

Trenthan said everyone loses some form of mobility as they get older. The common cause of immobility for those over 50 is due to a spinal disorder, and 85 out of every 100 suffer consistent back pain.

However, immobility causes are not relegated to just back pain. One of three people over 50 suffer neck pain. Trenthan said the body heals itself through central nervous system, calling it the “body’s phone line.” Health problems occur when the communication is cut off between the brain and the central nervous system, similar to a dropped cell phone call.

“Natural healing is the best kind of healing there is,” Trenthan said. “How does your finger heal after a cut? How come there is no scar after it heals?

“The brain tells what the body is supposed to do, and the body does it as long as there is no other problem.”

Trenthan further said to the audience all forms of health require maintenance, and chiropractic can help facilitate that maintenance. In addition to serving as a practice representative for May Family Chiropractic, she is also a patient.

“I’m a patient, and so is my family. This is what I choose to live well,” she said. “When I become a grandparent, I want to roll around with the kids, so chiropractic care is important to me.”

Childhood health problems while growing up in West Palm Beach, Florida caused Trenthan’s parents to seek chiropractic care.

“I started as a patient when I was nine,” she said. “I had a kidney disorder, and my doctor recommended my parents take me to a chiropractor several times a week, and I’ve been in love with it ever since.”