Gary Matthews, executive director for United Way, stopped by the Rotary AM club Tuesday morning and gave an update to the progress of the organization’s latest fundraising campaign, as well as sharing the story of some of the agencies it serves.

The United Way is in the midst of its largest fundraising campaign for the year, which has been named this year “Community United.”

“We’ve got all the pieces, but we’ve got to put them together to make this community united,” Matthews said.

United Way is in the midst of trying to raise $1.45 million this year for the 21 agencies it serves.

Matthews started out the meeting with a pop quiz.

He handed out a 12 question quiz that included asking what this year’s theme is, what the fundraising goal is and who leads United Way.

One member got 10 of 12 questions correct. Matthews presented him with a gift, a pocket knife.

Matthews told the members that, so far, the organization has raised 43 percent of its funding for the year. He said there will be an update next week during the United Way luncheon.

Matthews showed a video that highlighted three agencies – CEASE, Central Services and MATS Temporary Shelter.

In the case of CEASE, a woman told a story about how her ex-husband came into her home after she filed from divorce and shot her father, her mother and stabbed their son just below the heart.

She said if she knew of CEASE at the time, things would have been different.

Matthews said after the video stopped that everyone in the family survived.

“That’s just three stories,” he said. “We have hundreds.”

The Rotary AM donated $1,000 to the United Way campaign.

Also, before the meeting, the club made a donation to the Morristown-Hamblen Imagination Library Advisory Council for $5,000.

The council recently celebrated Imagination Library Week in an effort to sign more kids up for the program, which serves children from birth to age 5 by presenting them with a free book each month.