Since the Ministerial Association Temporary Shelter moved into its present location three years ago, the organization was hard pressed to keep its lawn mowed, especially with the shelter being in a high-traffic, high-visibility location on Main Street.

Thanks to Home Depot in Morristown, MATS received a new John Deere riding mower recently.

“I had in passing told my assistant, Aletha Purkey, that I wished that we had a riding mower,” Executive Director Tonya Polidoro said.

Purkey told Polidoro that Home Depot had been good to MATS in the past.

Purkey reached out to Associate Support Department Supervisor Danielle Brockman in the Morristown store. After Brockman consulted with Store Manager Sean Smith, Home Depot was able to offer a $1,699 John Deere riding mower by 50% for $849.50.

Through a recent grant, MATS had purchased two commercial freezers and a commercial refrigerator. After selling the previous freezers and refrigerator for $800, that money was used toward the John Deere mower.

“Through Home Depot’s generosity, MATS ended up with a new riding lawn tractor for an out-of-pocket total of $49.50,” Polidoro said.

This was not the first time Hope Depot had helped MATS, according to Polidoro.

“They most recently donated more than $2,000 worth of top-of-the-line BEHR paint so the outside of the MATS facility could be painted,” Polidoro said. “They’ve donated things throughout the years such as freezers, toilets, doors and more. Any time we’ve had a need, Home Depot has answered the call.”

Polidoro said that MATS can never thank Home Depot enough for their help.

“We hope they know how much we appreciate them,” Polidoro said.