Lakeway Association of Realtors help Food on Foot

Members of the Lakeway Association of Realtors present a check to Food on Foot for Easter baskets. From left: Gary Roberts, Heather Walker, Erin Davis, Food on Foot Founder\President Carolyn Jarnagin, LeAnn Anest, Lisia Amburn, Rebecca Marcum and Kristy Welch.

The Food on Foot team is in full swing with donations from individuals, churches and businesses who want to make sure children have Easter baskets full of love and goodies.

The Lakeway Association of Realtors made a $405 donation and 150 bags of jellybeans for the baskets Wednesday. The baskets will be given away beginning at 11 a.m., Saturday, April 3.

This year’s Easter basket giveaway will change as no children have to register to receive the baskets. Easter baskets with bunnies, colorful eggs, jellybeans, Peeps and candies are sprinkled throughout their baskets for this year.

Food on Foot will continue to follow the same guidelines as the pandemic began, as a drive-through event. Those receiving baskets won’t have to get out of their car, but the children who are receiving the baskets must be present in their vehicle to get them.

Erin Davis is Chairman of the Community Awareness Committee of the Lakeway Association of Realtors. The group contributed $405 and 150 bags of jellybeans.

“We like to have a lot of fundraisers for the community. We’re really happy to be able to provide these jellybeans and money for the baskets. We have all kinds of different fundraisers.

In addition, the Lakeway Association of Realtors is sponsoring a picnic this summer for Safe Harbor of Hamblen, the community group that is taking over from the former Community Effort against Spouse Abuse.

LeAnn Anest already volunteers for Food on Foot through her church.

“I’ve been coming on Mondays to help,” Anest said. “I told the group what need is and Carolyn (Jarnagin) told me what they needed. Once we found out what the need was, all of the realtors jumped in and helped out.”

Jarnagin, the founder/president of Food on Foot, is adamant that the organization wouldn’t exist without God’s help and the help of the community.

“Food on Foot wouldn’t happen without the wonderful people (who) volunteers and the Good Lord above,” she said. “That’s what makes it happen, it really does. He keeps seeing that we get what we need.”

Jarnagin asked for the community to keep praying for Food on Foot.

“Just keep praying for us that we keep following (God’s) lead,” Jarnagin said. “We can’t take the credit. I don’t ever want to take the credit.”

Jarnagin recalled when the ministry started.

“I asked Bobby if I could take $250 out of savings to start this ministry and he said yes,” Jarnagin said. “I met a little boy in a doctor’s office and I asked if he was looking forward to school being out. He said ‘No, ma’am. Do you know why I go to school? They feed me good there.’

“That just knocked me to the floor,” Jarnagin said. “I cancelled my appointment at the doctor’s and left there crying. I wish that boy knew what his words had said to me.”

After asking her family for money, she went to the community. The first donors was Sam and Leslie Grisgby.

“They wrote me a check,” Jarnagin said. “Sam told me the other day that Food on Foot was the best investment they had made. I never dreamed it would be as big as it’s gotten. I’m thankful.”

“It’s in the hearts and smiles of those coming to help,” Food on Foot Founder/President Carolyn Jarnagin said. “Assembling the baskets have been an Easter blessing for the last 12 years. I’m very blessed and excited that God has made this possible again this year. The sweet love He has lavished on us is evident in all He allows us to do at Food on Foot. We want to continue to follow God’s lead in all we have done in the past and continue to do in the future.”

As always, donations to Food on Foot is very much appreciated. Mail checks or money orders to Tennessee Food on Foot, P.O. Box 2129, Morristown, Tennessee 37816,