Local retailers receive final shipments of popular toys for the holidays

Adults from all across the country are flocking to stores to acquire the latest toys for their children or grandchildren. Whether they’re based on a movie, a crazy idea or a catchy song, these playthings have become the hottest properties of the 2019 Christmas season.

Locally, Susan McGaha, assistant store manager at Walmart on West Andrew Johnson Highway, said even though her location has plenty of sought-after items, life has been pretty tame – even on Black Friday.

“There are certain toys that are flying off the shelves,” she said. “The lines have been consistent so far (during the holiday season), however.

“We haven’t seen anything crazy so far.”

According to Good Housekeeping Magazine, every age group has a hot toy that is a must-have under the Christmas tree. For the smallest ones, here are the top three most sought-after toys according to their research:

• Ride and Chomp Croc

This toy from Mega Bloks combines two things that kids love: building blocks and scooters. The idea is to have children ride over the blocks to pick them up (making for easy clean up), but they can also play with the building blocks on their own.

• Frozen Elsa Ice Palace

Nothing seems to excite kids more than a toy that ties in with their favorite movie or character, so this castle based on the Disney hit is high on the list of must-have toys this holiday season.

• Baby Shark Tablet

There are various types of Baby Shark toys out there – and you can’t go wrong with any of them - but this is a popular and educational item for parents who want their kids to have fun and learn at the same time. This beginner “tablet,” which can be found on Amazon.com, won a Good Housekeeping Toy Award this year for its functionality. It offers tons of play modes - and a volume button for weary parents.

According to New York Magazine, Blume Dolls from Skyrocket Toys are some of the most anticipated of the season. Blume Dolls start out looking like a potted plant and come with a little watering can that you use to make the doll spring up out of the dirt. Walmart offers various versions of the popular toy ranging from about $10 to around $30.

L.O.L Surprise! Dolls have been an extremely popular item for young girls for Christmas. However, the Glitter Globe Winter Disco Series has been the one flying off the shelves. Walmart offers these items in stores only for between $11 and $15, but they can be ordered online for store-pick up.

Michelle Orton was shopping for Christmas gifts with family at the West AJ Hwy Walmart, and said the little girls in her family are torn between a pair of popular items.

“My nieces want Baby Shark, but the L.O.L dolls are the most popular,” the Morristown resident said. “The girls like those.”

“Frozen 2” was released in theaters a week before Thanksgiving – and the sequel has equaled, if not surpassed, the original, becoming the No. 1 movie in the world in just two weeks.

The immense popularity of the movie franchise has made the toys based on it extremely popular to the point they could have their own separate category on the hottest toys list.

Walmart has multiple toys, games and houses for sale ranging from an Anna fashion dollar for around $9 and an Elsa fashion doll for around $20 to a karaoke machine or a LEGO Arundelle Castle Village, each costing about $80. These items can be found either at a store or online.

Denise Ison of Morristown was shopping with her sisters when she passed by the “Frozen 2” items. She said the movie has always been popular, so the toys will always be popular.

“Frozen never really lost its popularity. It just spiked once the second movie came out,” she said. “My nieces want one – and even my 17-year-old daughter wants one.”

The boys cannot be forgotten, of course. Fortnite has been a popular toy for several years, and shows no signs of slowing down. The Nerf gun from Fortnite is one of the most sought-after items, and can be found at Walmart for between $15 and $40 online or in stores. On amazon.com, the toys can be found for around the same prices.

Another popular item is the LEGO Jurassic World Velociraptor Chase, found at Walmart for around $30. Amazon has even more varieties ranging from around $10 to about $130.

Regardless of what customers choose to give their kids for the holidays, Issac Harris, assistant store manager at Walmart at Crockett Trace, said these toys are going fast, and they should get these gifts as soon as possible.

“Don’t wait to the last minute to come in (to get these items),” he said. “At this point, we’ve received all the most popular toys we’re gonna get.

“If you want it, you better get it.”