Cruze Farm holds ‘friends and family’ night

Cruze Farm server Sadie delivers a cone during the new Morristown facility’s friends and family night.

It was a soft opening with soft serve as Cruze Farm hosted a “family and friends” night at its newest location in downtown Morristown.

In April, the company announced it will be located at 125 E. Main Street, the former Jefferson Federal Branch location across from First United Methodist Church in Morristown.

Wednesday night, a large crowd gathered outside for a chance to get $1 ice cream.

“We are working on our swirls, sales and Southern Hospitality with our amazing brand new Morristown team,” the company said.

Known for its locally produced dairy products, Cruze Farm has gained something of a cult following for its three locations, two in Knox County and one in Sevier County.

“We milk Jersey cows and make fresh churned ice cream with milk from our herd. We pasteurize and bottle real churned buttermilk, whole milk, light milk, chocolate milk, coffee milk, and seasonal flavored milks,” The company says on its website. “Our cows are on pasture 365 days a year and are never given hormones. Our milk is not homogenized so the cream rises to the top. You will find our milk mostly in Knoxville at Three Rivers Market, Whole Foods, and locally owned shops. Our dairy is a state approved and inspected milk processing plant. Several years ago we placed a conservation easement on our farm and hope that it will now be ‘a farm forever.’”

The company says its standards haven’t changed in 30 years in business.

“We sell milk, ice cream and pizza—and we make sure it is delicious—but our main goal is to connect with people and build community through our dairy farm,” it said.

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