Do you want to blend in with the crowd or do you want to pop? That’s the basic question all car buyers face when choosing the style of their new vehicle.

After determining which make and model you want, you then have to choose from a smorgasbord of available options, including which paint scheme that you’ll be comfortable with five years down the road.

We’ve come a long way since Henry Ford famously said they can have any color they want as long as it’s black!

Now, choosing a color is a fashion statement with some practical applications. Agate Black can be sleek but practical while Ruby Red might say you’re willing to risk a couple of extra tickets if the old wives’ tale about police ticketing red cars more frequently is true.

Of course, deeper motivations could be at play. Color plays an important part in our world and as such, specific colors can send signals that we’re not even aware we’re receiving.

Robert S. Daily, color-marketing manager of DuPont Automotive, a major paint supplier to the automotive industry, told Kelley Blue Book he believes it’s our affinity for technology that lures us to silver. “Silver and gray reflect our fascination with technology, such as seen in the brushed chrome cues on laptop computer covers and other electronic devices. Secondly, silver and techno-gray seem to accentuate the angular, ‘new-edge design’ of the latest luxury sport vehicles,” he wrote.

In 2018, white and silver vied for the top spot nationally in car color. Ford offers two shades of white: White Platinum and Oxford White, as well as Ingot Silver, each of which offer a classic look that allows your car to be attractive, but not as memorable as say, neon green. Ford offers two shades of blue: regular and Velocity Blue which offers a bit darker shade that is soothing but eye-catching.

More metallic available colors include White Gold (a soft gold) and Magnetic (kind of a charcoal gray) and rich copper (a shade of burgundy), but not all shades are available for all makes.

According to those who have seen it all, the sales team at Rusty Wallace Ford in Dandridge say from a resale standpoint, it’s best to play it safe. According to Kelley Blue Book, silver, white and black are the most popular resale colors overall, while white is slightly more popular than silver in the SUV, minivan and light truck markets.!

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