The COVID-19 outbreak that is stretching across the world is yet another epidemic on the list that has affected our nation throughout the years.

However, just like always before, Ford is here to help during these tough times.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Ford plans to make as many as 50,000 simple ventilators for coronavirus patients within 100 days. They also said that they are planning to continue to produce 30,000 per month after that.

Ford is working with GE Healthcare to expand the production of the ventilators. Along with the ventilators, Ford is partnering with UAW to manufacture 75,000 face shields this week, ramping up to 100,000 during the month of April as well as producing disposable respirator masks for health care workers using their 3D printers.

Ford is also directing more than $500,000 to help nonprofit groups in Southeast Michigan and will support delivery of food to senior citizens and to thousands of children who do not have access to school meals while schools are not in session.

To help customers out during this difficult time, Ford is introducing a six-month payment relief program. Your local Ford dealership, Rusty Wallace Ford in Dandridge, is taking it a step further by deferring payment on any new car purchased right now until 2021. And if you purchase during the month of April, they’ll include a 7-year / 200,000 mile powertrain warranty. They are also using home delivery options to help customers out as well as providing service for vehicles on the go so that customers don’t have to leave their homes. Rusty Wallace Ford will come to you if your vehicle needs servicing and deliver your car back to your home. They’ll also bring a vehicle directly to you to test drive if you don’t wish to visit them at the dealership. They’re open and ready to serve you how you need them.

This is not the first time that Ford has stepped up during a time of need, however. During World War I, Ford’s Model T became the underpinnings for allied military vehicles, such as the Ford three-ton tank. Ford also produced field ambulances during the war that were used extensively by the British and French.

During World War II, Ford again provided vehicles for the military, this time manufacturing not just cars. While all civilian auto production was halted on February 10, 1942, Ford helped build B-24 bombers, jeeps, tank engines and other vehicles that were needed by the military.

Ford even built a manufacturing complex in Michigan for specifically building vehicles for the military during the war. Willow Run, also known as Air Force Plant 31, was used for mass production of aircrafts, specifically the B-24 bombers. During the war, Ford produced 8,000 B-24 bombers, providing a huge help to the military during a time of need.

Even during the great depression, Ford was able to be of assistance as one of the few car companies that survived it. Ford was able to provide automobiles to people during that time. While they did have to lay off workers, Ford tried to assist them as much as possible, providing loans and parcels of land for work for some distressed families.

And even as recently as the recession in 2009, Ford was still able to help out. With most companies laying off workers and the unemployment rate reaching record numbers, Ford was able to stay upright during the time, keeping people around to work and saving jobs.

And now, when help is needed more so than ever before, Ford corporate is stepping up again and so is your local Ford family at Rusty Wallace Ford. Ford has proved time and time again that they are a company that will not sit back during a time of need. They are proving that now.

-Sponsored by Rusty Wallace Ford.