Start each day with GOD, GRACE, & GRATITUDE

A couple of years ago, I was looking for a home decor type of business to be a part of my Christmas open house that I would have each year. It was a night of shopping with different vendors and fellowshipping with other ladies. As I looked on the Internet for someone who might have this and do parties in your home, I came upon a company called Mary & Martha. It looked perfect for what I needed for my Christmas event. I phoned the rep and immediately she said “Yes.” The night of my event, she came to set up her products and I fell in LOVE with the beautiful products and the message they displayed. I had to do this, so after my party was over, I signed up to become a rep for our area. I now have been able to offer these pieces to my friends and family. Hospitality is something that I really enjoy, decorating is what I love. When we invite others into our home, it becomes a place where we can minister to others by our own kindness along with having items we use in our home to encourage others that God is all around us and he cares for each of us so much. I know that God had given me this opportunity and I was ready to share with others. Mary & Martha, two different women, but each had their mission: Martha to open her home and Mary to be the listener. The beautiful part is we get to be both, we invite people in and then we serve and fellowship. This is just what hospitality is. I love it!!!!

The dinnerware that I am showing today is cream with accents of a beautiful blush color. The words on the dinnerware express grace and gratitude. I have used lots of greenery that mixes with the cream and blush to make the perfect color combination. In my photo holder I chose the lyrics to Amazing Grace.

As I put this all together, I was reminded of my mom, who I lost when I was 32 years old. One of my fondest memories of her is seeing her at the piano singing and playing this hymn. She loved to decorate and entertain just like I do. She taught her daughters so much about the joys of life in everything that she did. I hope you enjoy this table presentation as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

As a child I remember that my mom LOVED the outdoors. When she would keep my children, she would have them outside and they would be watering flowers, playing in the dirt or just anything to make memories. After I was married, she would come and water my plants and talk to them and tell me how important it was to nurture them so they would grow to be big, healthy plants. That is so true of parenthood with our own children, preparing them to go out and be kind and good people. She did that and I have tried to do that with my own children. As a grandparent, I have realized how important we are in the life of our own little ones. The bright colors remind me of beautiful pictures my own grandchildren have given me over the years. Also, always look for opportunities we are given to make other children feel special. This flower garden party theme is just a beautiful picture of life, creation and special memories.

The faithfulness tray that I am using for this display is made from acacia wood which was the wood that built the ark. I have filled it with colorful red peonies and accented with purple and cream wildflower pieces. These colors accent each other so very well. The yellow lemons have a special meaning to me. My mom used to tell us as young adults that when “Life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” So, when I see these added to my tray, I am reminded of her and the times when she would make difficult times into life lessons for us. This tray speaks so many different things, but the most important is how very blessed we are to have such beautiful creation all around us. I used bunnies and birds to fill in my garden party theme. Let’s all go have a garden party and I hope to see you there!