Everyone knows Denise Brinkley Hurt, and her daughter, Sydney Greene, when they walk into Uptown Hound Pet Spa.

“We’re the face of Uptown Hound,” Hurt said.

The pet spa is celebrating its ninth year of existence this month, but the idea may have come years and years before that.

Hurt has always had a fascination with dogs. It was her love of dogs that made her get into the business to start with.

“When I was little I would go to my grandmas and look through all the encyclopedias for dogs,” she said.

That passion led her to spread her joy and love to her daughter, Sidney, who now helps groom the animals when they come in.

Uptown Hound conducts grooming, day care and boarding. Hurt said the biggest business they get is the grooming and the day care.

Each day, she has dogs come in.

“We get dogs that get dropped off in the morning, picked up in the evening and play all day,” she said, laughing.

Hurt first wanted to go to vet school, she said. She got sidetracked and then one day figured out how she could get into the business with the animals she loves.

She began an apprenticeship as a groomer, earner her credentials and in April 2012 she opened Uptown Hound Pet Spa at the back of the Crescent Center.

That’s only part of what she does. She also helps with dog rescue and helps Noah’s Ark foster out any animals they may get due to rescue efforts.

“If we could just do that and someone could pay us to do it, we would do that all the time,” she said.

The facility can board up to 30 dogs, so if other dog recuers in the network are full up, they can also help out, she said.

They also pull dogs from shelters and will groom them in order to help the animals find a loving home.

The spa’s first passion is dogs. But, Hurt said they also do cats.

“We’re not crazy about them, but we do them,” she said, laughing.

The hours of operation for the business are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. But, Hurt said that’s the posted hours.

“We work with all our clients,” she said.