MHHS Infection Control Specialists adapting to COVID-19

Bill Huff - Infection Control Specialist, Morristown Hamblen Healthcare System

On March 13, Bill Huff’s life “turned upside down.”

Huff, the Morristown Hamblen Healthcare System’s Infection Control Specialist in the quality management department for the healthcare workers, was used to being able to walk around the hospital, doing his job unimpeded.

However, on that Friday the 13, COVID-19 began changing the United States and has not stopped changing the nation. Because of this, Huff’s life has taken an unexpected turn.

“Before, everything was very open and we could go anywhere in the hospital and everything,” Huff said. “Since COVID has hit, corporate has sequestered me to my office because of the infection prevention title that I hold. We have had to lockdown the office to keep people from barging in, and everyone is wearing a mask now.