Inside the Breast Center at MHHS

The Breast Center at Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System is the Lakeway Area’s only accredited Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Located within the Morristown Regional Diagnostic Center, the facility features a separate, “Women Only” waiting room to ensure the utmost privacy during your visit.

Digital 3D Mammography

Advancements in mammography screening technology have brought about the evolution of 3D mammography, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis.

With standard mammography – or 2D mammography – the detection of breast cancer can be made more difficult by the limites of the “flat” imagery. These limitations allow for some breast cancers to hide behind healthy tissue, while normal tissues, stacked on top of each other, may create a shadowy or cloudy image which can appear to be cancer.

With 3D mammography, the images of the breast are taken in slices which present a more three-dimensional visual of the breast. The radiologist can see all around and between the breast tissues with greater clarity than ever before.

All-digital mammograms mean

Quicker mammograms, since there’s no need to wait for film images to be developed

Images can be viewed instantly by the technologist and radiologist images can be easily transferred electronically with no loss of image quality

Computer-assisted optimization helps radiologists detect micro-calcifications that might be missed on traditional film mammograms

Breast Ultrasound

Once a mass is detected, often the next step is an ultrasound. Breast ultrasound is a procedure that may be used to determine whether a lump is a cyst (sac containing fluid) or a solid mass and can also be used to precisely locate the position of a known tumor.