Hola Lakeway of Morristown has and continues to provide for families in need through the COVID-19 pandemic. Executive Director Betsy Hurst and her crew have shared an act of kindness that will never be forgotten for the 37 families that have been cared for.

Each family’s requests varied from payments of rent or utilities, grocery store cards and providing for children.

The organization made this possible by receiving a $10K grant from East Tennessee Foundation along with a $4K grant from individual donations. Many have donated through PAID aka Pandemic Aid for Immigrant Families.

“These grants are given to us to help the families that come to us for help,” Hurst said. “We have been able to pay rent and provide food for many of these families.”

Hurst predicts to help out 30 or more families soon during this second wave of the virus.

Hola Lakeway will receive a second grant of $10K from East Tennessee Foundation, which will go towards giving back to the next 30 or so families.

“We have talked to mayors and some directors around the area,” Hurst said. “We are doing all we can. I want to be able to continue to help these families.”

Considering school will be in session in September, another grant of $2K will be given to the organization from U.S. Bank. It is to provide technical support and online class.

Hola Lakeway will also be collecting laptops for children for upcoming school assignments. There’s also a donation of $1K that will go towards renting student’s laptops in need.

Meetings about health and safety during the COVID-19 outbreak have taken place and will continue to do so. The classes are designed for immigrant families that may be unaware of the dangers of not acting accordingly.

“We want to put together a class session to inform the families about the dangers of COVID-19,” Hurst said. “Some families are having difficulties finding the proper needs to stay sanitized. We will help with that.”

Hurst has received much appreciation from all of the families. She feels honored with the kind words, but she and Hola Lakeway are here to serve the community.

“Families have called us crying saying how much they appreciate our work, but we just want to give back to our community. That’s what we are here for,” Hurst said.