Many would assume that Valentine’s Day this year will look much different considering the ongoing pandemic.

For Marva Kelley over the floral department at Ingles Markets on West Andrew Johnson Highway, that isn’t the case.

Kelley is preparing her floral department as normal and has even ordered more inventory than usual.

“I have been preparing for Valentine’s Day a little more than usual this year,” Kelley said. “I expect Valentine’s Day to be more appreciated this year knowing the difficult times we have been through.”

Her optimistic personality and experience in the business expect this Valentine’s Day to have increased sales.

“I think we could sell more this year than last year,” Kelley said. “This will be a special day for a lot of people.”

There have been many lessons learned through the pandemic. One of the biggest lessons has been being grateful for what we still have.

Kelley knows that someone’s significant other is something many have learned to appreciate even more through these difficult times. With that being said, she expects people to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little more this year.

“I will do all I can to make this Valentine’s Day special for couples,” she said. “We have plenty of special offers to choose from and will even do custom orders. My favorite part will be the chocolate strawberries. People love them.”

The floral department at Ingles Markets is taking custom orders for that special person in your life. Kelley will also have various ‘dozen roses’ packages and different types of chocolate covered strawberries to top it off.

So as the special day for couples approaches, Kelley is welcoming customers in the Lakeway Area as she is determined to meet the needs to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember forever.