Hopefully the dark days are behind us.

The woebegone days of early COVID-19 when hair salons and barber shops were closed as non-essential and many of us were forced to walk around with coiffures that made it look like we were auditioning for a gritty 70s police dram.

For most of us, the hair situation was uncomfortable and maybe inconvenient.

For Candace Blair, of Salon La Vie in downtown Morristown, it was a threat to her livelihood, her way to of life.

“I was able to do some house calls for haircuts,” she said. “I got support through clients who made sure they take care of you. My goal is (also) to make sure that we take care of our clients. We take care of each other.”

Finally, the state lifted the ban and allowed the return of hair cuts.

Thankful for the return of her business, Blair said that since reopening, she has been about keeping clients safe even though those safety measures continue to affect business.

“We followed the requirements as far as wearing the masks as much as we could to be safe for the clients and to make them feel safe,” she said. “It has been an adjustment. It’s affected some people coming in and getting their hair done because of the safety of getting their hair done, cutting around and wearing a mask, but we’ve made it.”

Blair has been a hairstylist for almost 16 years.

The Jefferson County native grew up in the Talbott area. She attended and graduated from Jefferson County High School, where she took cosmetology classes during her junior and senior years.

“(Those classes) counted toward my beauty school hours,” she said. “I completed my training Ruben Allen College in Knoxville.”

“I always knew that I wanted to serve and take care of people,” Blair said. “So, I figured hair doesn’t hurt like a shot, would make people feel better about themselves and I really like to style hair.

Blair said there has been numerous changes during her 16 years as a stylist.

“The trends have changed a lot,” she said. “It’s kind of like fashion, things fade in and out. You do what you can to make it and that’s what we do.”

Blair has a daughter, Eva who attends school in Jefferson County.

Salon La Vie is located on West Main Street next to Priscilla and Pearl in downtown Morristown. Call 423-307-1301.