Emma’s Asian 1 restaurant discovered dark times through the pandemic but there was always hope.

The owner of Emma’s Asian 1, Emma Chen, felt a little lost whenever news broke about local businesses being required to briefly shut down. However, Chen’s hope was found through her work team and loyal customers.

“It was scary to us all after we found out (we had to shut down),” Chen said. “We didn’t know how we would make it, but we have seen a lot of support from the (Morristown) community. It helps you stay positive.”

March 19 was the day Chen was forced to take a brief pause in business, which was disappointing to her and everyone that dined at her restaurant.

Fortunately, not even a month later on April 17, Emma’s Asian 1 opened its doors back up for business. It received so much support from the community that it had no problem staying afloat through the unkind times.

“It felt very good to open back up,” Chen said. “I love my restaurant and the people I work with. We had a lot of people waiting for us to open back up.”

Since reopening, Chen and her employees have taken all actions required by the CDC in order to stay open and protect her employees and customers.

The local restaurant has received a surge of carry-out orders considering the lobby was closed for some time.

All of the customers that continue to eat Emma’s Asian 1 have been greatly appreciated by Chen. It has been the rock that has held her and her small business together.

“I have to say thank you,” Chen said. “The community has shown so much support. I have a great team to work with. We have the greatest customers who stay loyal to us. It kept us hopeful.”