There are times when you discover art.

Then sometimes art discovers you.

Gale Isaacs had not thought of being an artist. She had never thought of putting her ideas and images on canvas. Until it happened.

“I’d never tried painting or anything like that,” Isaacs said. “I was more of a person who thought she was crafty.”

Then one day, she decided she would try it. Just out of the blue, she picked up a canvas and started painting. That was 15 years ago. She has been doing it since.

During the last 15 years, she has had multiple showings. She’s sold her art.

Originally, she came to Morristown from North Carolina more than 45 years ago with her husband, Jerry, who works in the convenience store business.

“We moved here when our kids were small,” she said.

Jerry found a job in Morristown and they came here and never looked back.

“We love this area,” she said. “It’s about the perfect place to live.”

When she first started painting, Isaacs tried to emulate the photo or what she was looking at exactly. But, then something else clicked. She started developing her own style that depends more upon colors and impression than looking precise. Her paintings lend a sense of feeling more than looking exactly like what is represented.

“It’s a little bit abstract,” she said. “I have my own style.”

Her paintings include horses that run free and burst upon the canvas or women who seem mysterious and fleeting. The colors of her paintings combine darkness and light, both equally, and draws in the eyes.

“Sometimes it’s what I expect,” she said. “Sometimes I run away with it.”

It is her passion and each day she tries to paint, she said. It is her time that she can spend with her art.

There is a story in each piece of art she paints. How she comes with the ideas can vary as with any creator of the creative.

Some ideas come from her imagination, some ideas come from her seeing things.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not affected her business or her art that much of a problem, she said. She still finds herself everyday in the studio, creating art.

“I love being in my studio with my paintings around me,” she said.