Franciscan Ceramics

Franciscan Ceramics was started by Gladding, McBean, and Company in 1934. The company has been bought and sold many times over the years. The company has been owned by the Fiskars Corporation since 2015.

Franciscan ceramic ware has been used in many television shows and movies over the years.

• In The Golden Girls, Season 1, Episode 3, the girls have tea out of a Franciscan Desert Rose teapot;

• In I Dream of Jeannie, the Franciscan Apple pattern was the dinnerware pattern;

• Elvis Presley used the special service of Franciscan Apple pattern at Graceland; and

• In 1962, John F. Kennedy administration purchased a special set of Franciscan fine china to be used on Air Force One.

Other popular shows using Franciscan dinnerware include:

Malcolm in the Middle, Gangster Squad, Northern Exposure, Better Call Saul, a commercial for “Got Milk,” Blast from the Past, The Big Bang Theory, The Gilmore Girls, and Lovecraft Country.

I inherited a set of 12 from my first cousin Jamie M. Couch of Jefferson City and I use it proudly.