A Time to Sow

Spring means turning to the Farmers’ Almanac

It’s almost time for planting season! With a rainy winter and some areas still under water, there may be slight changes in planting times in the Lakeway Area.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, planting calendars are calibrated in two different ways, by frost dates and moon dates.

The Frost Dates indicate the best planting dates, based on local average frost dates. Average frost dates are based on historical weather data and are the planting guideline used by most gardeners. Meanwhile, the Moon Dates indicate best planting dates based on local frost dates and Moon phases. Planting by the Moon is considered a more traditional technique, according to the Almanac.

Many plants are started inside at homes or nurseries during the winter before being transplanted outside as weather warms. Although Frost Dates are a good way to know approximately when to start gardening, the Almanac suggests checking a local forecast before planting outdoors.

The Almanac also suggests keeping a record of your garden’s condition each year, including frost dates and seed-starting dates.

For more, see The Old Farmer’s Almanac at almanac.com.