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In 1783 Etienne Montgolfier stepped into the basket of a silk and paper hot-air balloon to make the first recorded manned flight, with others to soon follow.

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(Family Features) A staple of warm weekend days, brunch combines the best flavors of the first two meals of the day. Every great brunch spread complements its savory items with something sweet, something refreshing and a signature beverage, and there’s one ingredient that can help cover all …

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(Family Features) Deviled eggs, also known as stuffed eggs, first appeared in American cookbooks in the mid-19th century, but the origin can be traced back to ancient Rome where eggs were boiled and seasoned with spicy sauces, according to the History Channel. Today, deviled eggs are a stapl…

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(Family Features) There’s more to maintaining a healthy heart than just eating right and exercising regularly. While these practices play an important role in both cardiovascular and overall health and well-being, getting a good night’s sleep is also key.