From the beginning of migration to America from Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales our forefathers brought their rich musical talent to these mountains.

The Golden family ancestors did the same and it spills over still today.

During the Golden reunion, slated for Friday, April 26 – Sunday, April 28, the family will come together to meet one another and share genealogy, stories and musical talent. Each year the talent that flows out of those old Golden hills from this gifted family is impressive.

The first known recording artists in the family were Ike and Roy Golden, sons of King and Sarah Bays Golden. Roy Golden sang lead and brother Ike Golden, bass. They traveled around the country singing in churches, public gatherings and becoming more popular with each stop. Roy and Ike were in two known musical groups The Roughnecks and the Buffalo Ragged Five. Other members of the groups were Andy Wilder, Jack Skeen, Edd Scalf and Carlie Parker. By 1931 and during the Great Depression they recorded two songs and in 1932 added seven more. These songs were recorded through Gennett and Champion music record labels. The group traveled the circuit singing, recording songs and writing sheet music. Roy was a singing school teacher until his death.

Advancing forward, many of the Golden family have become famous for their talents. During the Golden reunion throughout the past 22 years, many family members have attended and shared their music. On the Golden Memories Newsletter for 2019 a salute was given out to those who have entertained at the gatherings over the years. There is so much talent it is difficult to zero in on only one or two.

This family stretches from coast to coast and over the years with Golden girls marrying into other surnames. We cover a large territory of kin including surnames:

Alford, Brooks, Ames, Parris, Bruce, Fuson, Hubbard, Mackey, Miller, Alsip, Campbell, Gibson, Ingram, Main, Mills, Teague, Baker, Carroll, Goins, Jackson, Matlock, Montgomery,Thompson, Bays, Carter, Hamilton, Lawson, Mays, Partin, Wilson, Bishop, Crawford, Hart, Lee, McFarland, Patterson, York, Bray, Cummins, Helms, Logan, McKiddy, Rickett, Brewer, Evans, Hembree, Lowe, Messer, and Siler.

The invitation is set for Golden family members to attend the 2019 reunion.

The agenda includes:

Friday, April 26: The family will be at the Cumberland Inn, 649 S. Tenth St., in Williamsburg, Kentucky and meet in the Patriot and Heritage rooms 5 – 9:30 p.m. A schedule of events is planned, and attendees are asked to arrive promptly. Food can be brought into meeting rooms; beverage service will be set up including coffee, tea, water and sodas. A copy machine will be available to share copies of history with others. Bring family history, pictures, stories and plan to have some fun with a big family. The rooms will be open until 9:30 p.m.

Saturday, April 27: Beginning at 8:30 a.m. and continuing until the last person leaves, rain or shine, family members can spend the day at the actual Stephen Golden first settlement site and his resting place on Golden Creek. Attendee are asked to arrive before noon so the prayer is not interrupted and increases the potential for a group photo. A potluck meal will begin at noon.

Attendees are requested to bring a food dish to share and a lawn chair for this outing. Also, singing and music will be the featured event of the afternoon; musical instruments are welcome. A potty and tents for shelter will be in place. Family who lives nearby are asked to contribute to the event. Donations are welcome and any money collected at the auction will go toward the cost for the Friday night event, cemetery upkeep and the cost to print newsletter and stamps for the newsletters mailing.

Sunday, April 28: The breakfast buffet for everyone spending the night at the Cumberland Inn is from 6 – 10 a.m. in the hotel restaurant where breakfast will be available prior to farewells. Anyone who is not in a hurry and would like to do some more genealogy or see the sights in the area where the families once lived, get in contact with event organizers.

Please RSVP to organizers, and make lodging reservations directly with the hotel.

For more information, contact Carol Golden, family historian and newsletter editor, at 865-376-7141 or email