Elizabeth Banks will never go under the knife
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Elizabeth Banks is "uninterested" in having cosmetic surgery.

The 'Charlie's Angels' star has previously revealed she was told at the start of her career to get a boob job if she wanted to be successful, and now the 45-year-old actress has explained why she has no plans to ever go under the knife or to "mess" with her face.

Speaking on Dax Shepard's 'Armchair Expert' podcast, she said: "That's something I will happily say to everyone, like I have not put anything in my face, I've never had a needle in my face.

"I'm really uninterested in the psychology of starting to mess with my face."

The 'Pitch Perfect' star explained that one of the reasons she would never have plastic surgery is because of the "emotional or psychological baggage" looking into the mirror every day would bring.

She said: "I would do it if I could happily look in the mirror and not have emotional or psychological baggage doing it but I just ... I don't want to do it and I'm trying to resist and there's a reason for that and I have to honour it."

The 'Hunger Games' star also wouldn't want to put her "livelihood and life" at risk.

She added: "I feel the way about those kinds of doctors as I do about a lot of things, like, you are putting your livelihood and your life into their hands and who knows what could go wrong ... like, why am I doing that?"

When asked what the secret to her youthful complexion is, Elizabeth replied: "Genetics, I guess."

In 2017, the Hollywood star opened up about her first experience of sexism in the film industry, when she was advised by an unnamed agent to undergo breast-boosting surgery if she wanted to be a star.

She said: "The first agent I ever met in this industry told me to get a boob job. I was so grateful that I didn't have enough money at the time to follow his advice."

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