Women and Testosterone

Patty Christopher, MS, PT


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While we often think of testosterone as the ‘male hormone’, it’s important to note that it also exists and is important in normal healthy functioning of women. In fact, healthy women have three times more testosterone than estrogen, and it is the first hormone to decline as a women approaches

menopause. By the time she has her first hot flash, she no longer has testosterone.

In addition to being required in multiple reproductive functions, testosterone plays an important role in maintaining health in women.

- Helps build bone and prevents osteoporosis.

- Helps build lean muscle mass and strength.

- Promotes Metabolism: Testosterone helps support proper metabolic functions, including the conversion of food into useable fuel, insulin

sensitivity, and the burning of stored fat. Helps prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

- Supports cognitive health, learning, focus, drive, processing, memory and emotional well-being.

- Supports healthy skin and hair growth.

- Stimulates the production of red blood cells for healthy circulation.

- Helps maintain healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Women with insufficient testosterone often experience: poor focus and difficulty learning; depression; migraine headaches in their forties; increased rate of auto-immune diseases; difficulty losing weight; difficulty

gaining lean muscle; declining strength; osteoporosis; joint pain; cardiovascular disease; difficulty sleeping; low ambition; low energy; loss of libido; decreased quality of life.

The benefits of testosterone for women include: better sleep quality; increased energy and endurance; better muscle tone, mass and strength; increased bone mineral density; sharper brain function; better memory;

increases motivation and drive; happier mood; improved quality of life. It is bone protective, heart protective, brain protective.

If you are suffering from or want to avoid the diseases of aging, you might benefit from BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy). For more information, go to www.advancedweight.com/bog/women-testosterone

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