Back to school season brings a new set of challenges each year. This transition, heightened with the pandemic, can often lead to an unhealthy lifestyle if left overlooked. We at ReVIDA Recovery Centers believe that promoting a safe and healthy community is imperative to individual empowerment. Here are some tips to help create an environment in which to thrive while you and your family transition back to school.

Ease into your new routine, cut yourself some slack, and remember that fear of the unfamiliar is normal. Replace negative thoughts with positive mantras or points. Great mantras are “I am capable,” or “Change is exciting”. Feel free to be creative!

A good night’s sleep is key and is scientifically proven to aid in mood, critical thinking, and energy. While eight hours a night is ideal, don’t let that become added stress. Just try your best!

Plan ahead. Experiment with meal prepping and choose your outfit for the next day before you go to bed so you can save time.

Focus on creating time for family, friends, and fun so you have something to look forward to throughout the week outside school or work.

Keep an eye out for unhealthy coping habits among family and friends. This may include increased drinking or substance use to cope with anxiety or depression. If you notice any of these tendencies in yourself or your family members, encourage counseling.

We at ReVIDA work to heal the whole person rather than focus on the disease of opioid use disorder. If one part of your life is in disarray, it will likely spill over into other areas. During the transition back to school and work, practice the five strategies above to set yourself up for success.