Tips to show your pets some Love

Dr. Larry Mangum


Appalachian Animal Hospital

Pets can bring so much joy to our lives and June is the perfect month to show your pet how much you appreciate the role they play.

Here are some tips to show your pet some love.

1. Take them to the dog park. The Morristown Dog Park is the perfect place to show your doggo some love. If they are well trained and socialized, it’s a great place for them to romp, run and play. If they are not accustomed to meeting strange pooches, it can be a bit of a sensory overload. Keep your pet leashed and let them get accustomed to life at the park. You don’t want your dog ruining another’s good time.

2. Get some new toys. Lots of pets love to play. Whether it’s a new chew toy for your dog, a toy mouse for your cat or a new feature where you fish can hide in your aquarium, a new toy is a great way to show your pet how much you love them.

3. A treat. Pets love a special som ething to eat. There are some great options sold at businesses around Morristown to give your furry friend a special something to eat.

4. Make a vet appointment. This may be stressful for you and/or your pet but it’s a responsible way to love your pet and make sure it’s happy and healthy and a part of your life for a long time to come.

5. Exercise. Take that dog for a walk. It’s good for you and your pet and your poochie will enjoy some new sights, sounds and smells as you explore the neighborhood together. And don’t be afraid to share the love. If you have a friend or neighbor who has a pet but is unable to walk it regularly, volunteer to help walk that animal as well. A little good karma never heart anybody and you’ll be doing a good deed.

6. Speaking of good deeds. Donate to local animal rescues. Helping keeps someone’s future pet alive and well is a great way to celebrate pet appreciation.