This is the Tick Season

Linda Garrison Co-Owner

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How is a Tick removed? Misleading tales often describe the use of matches, hot irons, or harsh chemicals for tick removal. If a tick is pulled off the skin after it has attached, usually the head remains buried, causing infection.

Ticks breathe air like we do. Even though a tick’s head appears to be buried beneath the skin it still breathes air. Nutritionally, using Peppermint Essential Oil, undiluted, on the tick will cut off the tick’s oxygen supply. Allow 2 to 15 minutes for the tick to back out for oxygen.

Ticks are most commonly found in tall grass, woods and gardens. They need to be well above ground level in order to jump onto a passing host such as deer, dog or human. Wear long pants and tuck pant legs into socks or boots. Long hair should be tucked under a hat. Wear light colored clothing. Ticks are easy to see against light colors.

Upon returning to the house, if no protection was worn on the head, run a fine-toothed comb through the hair to remove any hidden ticks. Clothing should be quickly removed and shaken outside to remove any ticks clinging to clothes. Turn clothes inside out and shake again. Then launder the clothes. Next, give your entire body a visual check for ticks.

For those individuals who like to make their own essential oil repellant use the following formula:

4 oz. bottle

1 oz. witch hazel

1 oz. alkaline or distilled water

½ TBSP carrier oil

10 drops Geranium Oil

10 drops Holy Trio Blend

8 drops Lemon Grass Oil

8 drops Lemon Tea Tree Oil

8 drops Citronella Oil

Shake well before each spray. Spray well on shoes, socks and ankles. To repel mosquitos and gnats, spray all over. This formula is safe for humans and dogs.