Summer Eye Care

Linda Garrison Co-Owner

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Summer is the time of year that can be the hardest on the eyes. More sun exposure means more ultra violet radiation damage to the eyes. Most people understand UV protection for the skin but fail to protect their eyes from the UV rays. Everyone should wear sun glasses with the highest level of UV protection for all outside activities even on cloudy days.

Over exposure to UV rays can increase eye problems such as: macular degeneration, cataracts, chronic dry eyes, floaters, retinal bleeding, and glaucoma.

Maintaining optimal eye health can be supported from the inside out with extra nutritional supplementation. Omega-3 fish oil plays a very important role in over-all eye health. Omega-3 fish oil can reduce over-all body inflammation as well as eye inflammation. Inflammation reduces circulation to the eyes which reduces important eye nutrients from reaching the eyes. The best choice of Omega-3 fish oil is individual packaged oil to keep air and light out which increases the breakdown of components within the fish oil. Had your gallbladder removed? Remember it is harder to breakdown fish oil. Therefore get fish oil that has been emulsified for better absorption.

Get an eye formula supplement which contains antioxidants to support eye health. Bilberry, lutein and zeaxanthin are all from the carotenoids family which reduce inflammation, absorb blue violet light from computer screens and ultraviolet light.

Some formulas also include the anthocyanins family of water soluble plant pigments such as: blueberries, bilberries, cranberries, raspberries. These fruits reduce inflammation of the eye tissue, increase blood circulation, and strengthen the fine capillaries within the eye.

Protect your eyes now from summer sun damage and for many years to come.