Stay Well

Patty Christopher, MS,PT

Owner - Advanced Weight Loss & Wellness

Current times have most experiencing higher-than-normal stress. That, compounded by East Tennessee allergies and threats from the Corona Virus and the flu, have our bodies working overtime to maintain a healthy immune system. Additionally, many are isolating themselves and their families under recommendations and common sense. It is more important than ever to focus on our health.

Remembering that nothing beats a solid, nutritionally dense diet for maintaining a strong immune system. Frozen produce is often more nutritious than fresh as it is picked at peek ripeness and flash frozen, trapping good vitamins and minerals; whereas fresh produce is often picked before peek ripeness, placed in storage and then transported to its destination, all adversely affecting it’s flavor and nutritional content. As we make our way through these coming weeks, look for recipes that are nutritionally dense. Soups, casseroles and “bowls” that include dark leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, and brussel sprouts and lean protein are ideal. Also try to vary the color of your vegetables to ensure a variety of vitamins and minerals. Fruits help provide your body with antioxidants that bind to free-radicals and prevent damage to cells.

When diet is lacking, or with some diagnoses, quality supplements help maintain good vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant levels. “Pharmaceutically dosed”, “Professional” or “Pro” supplements are usually only available through a healthcare provider. Additionally, multi-collagen with herbal supplements can help maintain the health of your gut so that it is better able to absorb nutrients.

Especially when we are confined to our homes, exercise and movement are critical for physical and emotional wellness, and help to combat stress. Try free or subscription apps, YouTube, and good old fashioned CD’s you may have hidden in your closets for a solid workout in your basement, living room, or on your back porch. Daily walks if weather appropriate and not restricted also provide an opportunity for exercise, to find mental clarity, and stress-reduction, not to mention fresh air, vitamin D-inducing sunshine, and communing with nature. For more stay-healthy tips, go to: