ReVIDA LTE on Recovery Month

Kaiseen Carr,

Program Director,

ReVIDA Recovery Centers

- Morristown

Each September, we come together to not only honor those we’ve lost in the fight against the opioid epidemic, but celebrate those who have begun their path to reclaim their lives from opioid use disorder. However, this National Recovery Month comes amid an ongoing public health crisis that has caused increased strain on our mental and physical health. Many of our friends and neighbors who struggled with substance use may have succumbed to the disease of opioid use disorder to manage the social or economic strain of COVID-19. And that dual fight against the opioid epidemic and the pandemic have caused overdoses to increase both nationally and here at home, costing the lives of 3,000 Tennesseans to overdose.

Here in East Tennessee, we all know someone personally such as a family member, friend, or co-worker who has suffered from a substance use disorder. We’ve seen families ripped apart and relationships falter as opioid use disorder took over the lives of the ones we love. However, we also have the power to break down stigma against treatment and behavioral health services. As a community, we can stand together to help our most vulnerable members reclaim their lives from opioid use disorder, take part in community events, and reach out to those around us who need that extra nudge to make the decision to seek treatment.

At ReVIDA Recovery Centers, we are dedicated to helping patients reclaim their lives from opioid use disorder. Together, we can rebuild communities throughout Hamblen County and East Tennessee that have been touched by the opioid epidemic. We encourage those with opioid use disorder or who have a loved one who are in active addiction to take the next step in reclaiming their lives by reaching out to our toll-free number at 1-844-716-8926.