Quitter's Day

Patty Christopher, MS,PT


Advanced Weight Loss & Wellness

After researching over 31 million fitness records from its users, Stravia, a social network for athletes, determined that it is the second Friday in January when commitments to New Year’s Resolutions begin to wane. In 2020, Quitter’s Day fell on January 10th. So, how are you doing?

A new year certainly inspires new hope for things to be better, and motivates us to strive for what has eluded us until this point. But New Year’s Day is just a day on the calendar, making it just as hopeful for us to renew our commitments to broken self-promises on any other day of the year. And this time, create well thought-out goals to form a roadmap to your success. Here’s how:

1. Create goals that are reasonable, objective, measurable, with a specific timeline. “I want to lose weight” vs. “I want to lose 20 lbs in 10 weeks”.

2. Think about how you will accomplish this goal. “I will lose 20 lbs in 10 weeks by changing my diet and increasing my physical activity.”

3. Break this long-term goal into smaller, easier to accomplish goals. Smaller changes slowly introduced tend to help people stick to their resolutions. Trying to change everything at once is often overwhelming and difficult to accomplish. These short-term goals are like steps to your success. Good short-term goals for our example include: “I will lose 2lbs per week,” “I will increase my water intake to 8 8oz glasses per day,” “I will eat home-cooked meals more often, and not eat out more than (X) times per week,” “I will start walking for 20 minutes 3 to 5 times per week.”

4. Celebrate your successes! Reward yourself for short-term successes in ways that are consistent with your long-term goal.

You can do it; we can help! For more information, go to www.advancedweight.com/blog/quitters-day.