People Make it Work

Katherine Strate Smith, CLC

Chief Customer Officer,

Strate Insurance Group, Inc.

During this time of Thanksgiving, I would like to express my gratitude for our Strate Insurance Group team. It’s no secret that 2020 has thrown many curveballs. Despite the uncertainty and change that this year has brought, our talented team of professionals has endured 2020’s challenges.

Here are three things I’m most proud of:

Our team has adapted. When we started working from home in March, many of our in-office operations had to change. Many of our customers make in-person payments, so that process had to be redefined to keep our customers and team safe. Due to great IT planning we were prepared to begin working from home immediately. For some of our team, this meant turning a dining room table into an office space with computer screens, a docking station, and a phone. They never missed a beat.

Our team has innovated. What would we do without video capabilities? Our team has used video conferencing for customer, internal, and insurance carrier meetings. When meeting a prospect in person might not be an option, our Sales Team has used video to connect. Our Family Insurance Team is using video to contact our customers before their renewal to let them know we are reviewing their coverage. We have tried to be as in-person as possible.

Last but not least, our team has served. They’ve served each other, their families, and our customers. When things got tough, these women and men persevered. More than half of our team has children at home; it is no easy feat to juggle work and family when things are “normal,” let alone when everyone is confined to the house.

If you are a customer and are reading this article, thank you for your business. Thank you for supporting us, for giving us feedback on your experience, and for trusting us during these tumultuous times. We wake up every day ready to meet your needs. If you are not our customer, we would welcome an opportunity to talk to you, whether it by phone or video. We are fully operational and ready to help.