New Year’s Resolutions for the “Over 50 Gang”

Doug Lowell

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The New Year always brings many unrealistic resolutions. Cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility training are very good for you. But there may be a more important one: improve your balance, mobility, and increase your “fall prevention” skills. For people over 65, falls exceed car accidents with respect to death and disablement according to recent data.

For your new year’s resolution consider reducing your own fall risk.

Here are some practical tips:

1. Stand next to a wall/chair for safety and practice standing with your eyes closed.

2. Have a friend spot you while you step over some objects (pillows, stack of books)

3. Try walking sideways across your living room 3 or 4 times

4. Try walking on your toes and heels across the room.

5. Try walking in slow motion across the room.

6. Place a chair behind you and practice sitting and standing. Once you are comfortable increase standing up a phase faster.

7. Lastly for now, “Brown Bag It.” Put all your medications in a bag and review the side effects of each with your doctor or pharmacist. There are many drills and strategies to improve your balance, mobility and “fall prevention” skills. Let’s maintain our ability to continue our ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living).

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