NAD and Aging

Patty Christopher, MS,PT

Owner, Advanced Weight Loss & Wellness

Many theories exist on why we age and how we can minimize the effects of aging. Some exciting research, and one promising story is that of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD, and its role as a supplement in reversing the effects of aging.

By research studies beginning as recently as the end of 2013 and doubling in number since 2014, the role and benefits of NAD in cellular health has become more clear. NAD is a molecule found in all of our cells. It functions to help the mitochondria, a cellular organelle, generate ATP, or energy for that cell to perform it’s function. It has also been shown to help with DNA repair, cellular signaling, and other cellular functions. When humans are first born, their cells have 100% of the NAD that their body needs, but this decreases over our lifespan. It is believed that this decrease in NAD causes our mitochondria to produce less energy for our cells to perform their functions. This age-related mitochondrial disfunction then leads to larger organ disfunction. Our skin wrinkles, our muscles become weaker, our metabolism slows. Hearing, vision, and even mental processing decline. Cautiously, results of research studies and human trials indicate that supplemental NAD+ improves metabolism, sleep, energy and various diseases of aging, and reverses many of the age-accelerating changes caused by the falling NAD+ levels found in humans as we get older.

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