Midlife Crisis Or Male Menopause

Linda Garrison Co-Owner

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Yes, men, you also have change of life just like women! Men’s change of life happens later in your life than women’s. Men can have:

• decreased sex drive, lack of energy,


• increased irritability, mood swings,


• decreased endurance, bone loss

• and loss of lean muscle mass

This is because of the hormonal changes of not only testosterone but the 2 female hormones estrogen and progesterone. As one hormone decreases it can make the others go up or down.

Having bloodwork done by your doctor will help determine what hormones need to be balanced.

It is not uncommon for men to be low in hormones because of a deficiency of other nutrients. Vitamin D deficiency can have an effect on men’s ability to produce hormones. Have your doctor check your Vitamin D levels along with hormone levels.

There are some labs that test for Zinc levels (most don’t). Zinc helps to keep testosterone from forming DHT (dihydrotestosterone) or the bad hair line or male pattern baldness. Low Zinc can also allow testosterone to convert to the female hormone estrogen. This can have a negative effect on a man’s body by increasing his PSA numbers.

It is important for men to maintain normal levels of protein in the body. Again, information can be obtained from bloodwork. Protein is essential for the building of lean muscle. Lean muscle burns fat 24 hours a day. Of course exercise increases fat burning. Burning fat helps decrease cholesterol as well as around the middle fat build up.

The protein or amino acid arginine increases nitric oxide which is important as a vasodilator. Nitric oxide can reduce blood pressure by relaxing muscles and increasing circulation. Increasing circulation can have a positive effect on ED.

Have protein levels, Vitamin D levels, testosterone Total and Free as well as estrogen and progesterone levels checked every year after the age of 60.