“Maskne” and What to Do About It

Patty Christopher, MS,PT


Advanced Weight Loss & Wellness

As we adjust to this new normal of COVID-19, we’ve had to change a few things including how we care for our skin. “Maskne”, as it’s come to be known, is the formation of acne around the nose and mouth caused by wearing a face-mask.

The most common cause of this is Acne Mechanicais, a known skin condition or form of acne caused by friction on the skin. The sweat and oils that get trapped under the mask, and the heat and humidity of summer all further contribute to the irritation and inflammation that causes breakouts.

What to do about it? Wash your face before and after wearing a mask with a gentle cleanser. Use an occlusive to lock in moisture and protect against the friction caused by the mask. Deep clean with an exfoliant and mask to draw out impurities, unclog follicles, and wash away dead skin cells, dirt and oils from your skin’s surface. Moisturizing is important to heal and sooth inflamed skin. Lastly, wearing a sunscreen that is formulated for sensitive skin to continue to protect from the sun, is important when we remove the mask while outside or in our car.

Perhaps more than ever, it is important to use a skin care line that you can trust to deliver top quality ingredients without harsh chemicals. “Glow Skin Beauty is a medically based, dermatologic skin care and make-up line that delivers,” says Angela, of Advanced Weight Loss and Wellness.

Other things that can help? Wearing a cotton mask allows your skin to breathe. Be cautious using products with acids or retinol under your mask as the mask can intensify the delivery of these products to your skin. Consider not wearing foundation (try a tinted moisturizer instead). If you’ve sweat under your mask, consider washing your face and replacing your mask. For more information, go to http://www.advancedweight.com/blog/maskne