Patty Christopher, MS, PT


Advanced Weight Loss & Wellness

Has quarantine disrupted your Beach Body plans this spring? Are you now dealing weight gain brought on by #StayHome? If you are looking to get into shape quickly but don’t want stimulants, you may be interested in Lipotropics.

Lipotropic compounds are a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help improve metabolism, break down fat stores, improve energy and in combination with diet and exercise, impove weight loss. Lipotropics are typically given by injection, but can also come as a sublingual - a spray taken under the tongue. Both methods of administration bypass the gut and allow for better absorption of ingredients. Lipotropics typically include:

Vitamin B1 - Essential for glucose metabolism

Vitamin B2 - Breaks down protein, fats & carbs

Vitamin B3 – Helps convert food into energy

Vitamin B6 – Helps produce neurotransmitters

Vitamin B12 – Supports normal nervous system function

L-Carnitine – An amino acid that helps transport fatty acids into the mitochondria, the ‘powerhouse’ of your cells where energy is created

Methionine – An amino acid that helps prevent the build-up of fat in the liver

Inositol – Part of the B Vitamin complex, it supports fat metabolism and helps reduce blood cholesterol

Choline – Helps transport fat and cholesterol, and helps the liver excrete chemical waste

In addition to improved metabolism and weight loss, other benefits of Lipotropics include: improved energy; improved digestive, skin and nervous system health; improved liver and gallbladder function; improve liver detox; preserve lean body mass; improved mood and mental clarity; and improved vitamin and mineral consumption. One research study suggested that one’s commitment to weight loss is evidenced by taking the injections, and that this might further encourage that commitment.

Lipotopics seem to work best with increased water intake; reduced refined sugars; reduced carbs; and increased activity or exercise, all behavioral changes already suggested with any healthy weight loss regimen.

There are few negative side-effects reported with lipotropics, and generally are a result of the injection itself (redness, swelling, bruising). Sulfa allergies should be reported before the injection, as methionine does contain sulfa. Ask for “sulfa-free” lipotropics. For more information, go to: