The purpose of a return to work program is to bring all injured employees back to gainful employment. Employers who do not have an established return to work program are missing the opportunity to control workers’ compensation expenses. In addition, your company will benefit from a lower experience modifier, which will reduce your workers’ compensation costs.

Regardless of whether you have a plan in place already, there are several common factors included in an effective return to work program. Here are 10 questions help you determine if your program has the components of success:

1. Is there an established safety committee with members representing all levels of employees with your company?

2. Do you have a current safety and health policy in place?

3. Have you identified a local occupational medicine clinic and contacted them regarding your return to work program?

4. Do you ask injured employees to bring a job description and the return to work policy when they visit a medical provider?

5. Have you invited staff physicians to tour your facilities to learn more about your company?

6. Do you have a designated company representative responsible for coordinating return to work efforts?

7. Do you have a written policy endorsed by management?

8. Does your return to work policy stress high-quality medical treatment and a healthy but timely return to gainful employment?

9. Have you identified the modified duty positions available?

10. Do you have an injury/accident report form to be completed by the employee?

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