Here Comes The Bride

Patty Christopher, MS,PT

Owner, Advanced Weight Loss & Wellness

Bridal Season is upon us! This exciting time of one’s life is full of hope and anticipation, but also, a lot of stress caused by a seemingly unending to-do list and the need to accommodate so many people. Parents, in-laws, friends and siblings, and even sometimes the spouses-to-be have differing opinions and dreams about what this day would be like. The best advise to minimize the stress is to allow others to help wherethey can, especially if some of the bride’s tasks can be handed over to professionals.

“In addition to weight loss solutions and nutritional support, Advanced Weight Loss and Wellness also carries Glo Skin Beauty, a full spectrum medical based skin-care and make-up line. So we can help the bride, the mother and mother-in-law of the bride, the bridal party and anyone else who wants to feel beautiful for the event with services and products,” says Dorothy, Weight Loss Coach and Counselor. Advanced Weight Loss and Wellness, with the help of professional Make-Up Artist Jessica Hyde, offers bridal make-up for the day of the event and skin care products to ensure that beautifully healthy, dewy glow. Glo Skin Beauty products are triple-milled and contain vitamins and anti-oxidants, making it not only a beautiful line of cosmetics, but also one that is good for your skin. It is sweat-proof and tear-proof, making it perfect for anyone who tends to cry happy tears at a good wedding.

“Brides also may struggle with stress and sleep as their special day approaches. We offer strategies and carry products that help the body handle and recover from those stresses, and that help people achieve the restorative sleep they need to be healthy,” Dorothy adds. For more information, go to